The Balancing Act

Brogs here! 

How does one have it all?  I tend to ask myself that same question and I'm sure a lot of women can relate. For me in particular, I have a mad case of the travel bug, a strong desire to start a family, and a passion for having the perfect home. But I also think if you are constantly looking ahead you are never enjoying the present. Sometimes it's important to just sit back and enjoy, don't you agree? 

No one really has it all - not all at once, anyway.  And if you did have it all so easily, how much fun would that actually be? Anyone who has grown up in a small town knows the strong desire to branch out and explore the huge world out there.  When I turned 18 that desire became reality and I made the first step in my exploration – by moving to a slightly bigger city 4 hours away.  BUT, then a few short years later I moved to a legitimate big city.  Toronto has been what I like to refer to as the “appetizer of the world” - a place where I’ve met people from all walks of life, tasted food and delicacies from many different cultures, and have had my desire to explore the world fueled even more.  But even with all that excitement and wonder of the big city, I was still missing something – the feeling of being “home.” 

Things in my crazy life changed quickly (and for the better!) when I met my boyfriend Matt. We bought our first home together, and we have settled quite nicely into an amazing neighbourhood with some of the most wonderful neighbours I could ever ask for.  Not long after moving in, we adopted our little Mexican beach pup Zoë through a local non-profit rescue organization.  Zoe has been a blessing and a handful, teaching us how to work through the behavioral issues that often come with an adopted pet, but also giving us that unconditional love that only a dog can.  I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  She has settled perfectly into our routine and is a wonderful member of our little family!   
I’ve learned that home ownership grounds you, teaches you that things come with time, patience, and above all of that, planning. I have become very good at planning - whether it's what room we are going to work on next, or what trip we should go on.  So I guess my point is, I may not “have it all” but for me it's truly appreciating everything I have at this very moment... and I do.

But I still want every room in this house updated right now! ;)

With all that said, I am still looking into the future, and my not-so-distant future goals are to travel as much as I can and to start a family. I regret not travelling more in my 20s when I had the chance, and I envy those who are so cultured. For me, travelling is important not only for the experiences but also to grow as a person. I would like to pass down stories of my adventures when I’m older.  This brings me back to the question “how does one have it all?” If I could travel back in time I would tell my 20-something self to TRAVEL! Now here I am in my thirties wanting to travel the world and have babies. Help! I guess that despite loving where I’m currently at in life, I’m still a little bit restless and that desire to explore hasn’t disappeared. I just need to find my balance. 

Instagram has been such a fantastic outlet to share my everyday home updates and to connect with some really creative and very supportive women. Who really needs Pinterest these days?  Which brings me to Society Letters - I am so happy (and just a little scared) to team up with this group of talented women.  I’m new to the world of blogging and I’ve never really considered myself a “writer,” but life is all about branching and trying new things, even if they are scary and aren’t in your comfort zone. It's truly amazing how people can connect through social media these days, and the support I receive from people I have never met really amazes me. Thank you for taking the time to read my first letter.   I hope you continue to join me through the adventures of my life, through DIYs, home decor, fashion inspirations, and (hopefully) travel ideas and tips. I need to scratch that darn travel bug itch! 

Thanks for stopping by,