The Best Winter Skin Care Routine To Renew Your Skin

Those long winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. While the sun may have taken away the gross humidity, the dark days bring brutal temps that can make your skin ache to the touch. It can leave you wishing for that once loathed humidity. Okay, okay, I said it CAN. Here are a few ways to keep your skin soft and smooth even on the coldest of days.  

1. Skip the scalding showers.  
I know, the ONLY thing I want to do in the winter, is get a long, hot shower.  
In case you didn't know, water temps too hot can strip your skin of essential oils. Thus, leaving your skin itchy, and cracked. Opt for some lukewarm water instead. Don't shoot the messenger.  

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! 

This is one thing, along with hot cocoa, that you can NEVER have enough of in the winter. This is the time to think of upgrading your moisturizer. The summer months you want your moisturizer to feel barely there. Now that it's bitter, you want a thicker one to lock in moisture. Opt for a moisturizing foundation. If you use liquid, you can add just a dab of face lotion into your foundation, and blend them onto your skin. Not only will it keep your skin from cracking, it will keep you youthful too. Now who doesn't want that? 

3. Add some oil into your life.  

Or rather, your skin regime. I love adding my favorite oil composition into my cleanser. Bringing it back to moisturizer. I told you, there's no such thing as too much. It may seem strange to want oil on your skin, but it will lather into a nice milky substance and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.  

4. Add a moisturizing mask into your routine.

Are you sensing a theme? Want a simple and affordable mask that you can make at home? Grab some organic honey, milk, and oatmeal for a yummy ( if you get hungry ) and very gentle mask. Both honey and oatmeal are soothing to the skin, while gently exfoliating. Milk and honey contain many antibacterial properties that can deeply cleanse the skin. Which is crucial for winter. You don't want to stop exfoliating when it's chilly, you just want to be smart about it.  

5. Use a humidifier.  

Dry winter air, means dry winter skin. Using a humidifier will put moisture back into the air. It can decrease the loss of water in your skin, leaving your skin supple, and hydrated. It's easiest to keep one in your bedroom while you sleep.  

If you find your skin needing some TLC this winter, practice some of these tips and tricks to help you through those long months. Follow these and you will find yourself ahead of the game come summer. Now quick! Someone help me with my bikini body! 

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