3 Reasons Why Hobbies Are as Important as Your Career

I never considered myself the creative type.  I didn't really play instruments, quit softball after one season and draw stick people- at best.  I've helped friends decorate their homes, planned multiple parties, and designed my entire wedding without the help of Pinterest. Still, I never considered myself the creative type.  

For a while, my career was the only thing I had, which was fine since I love being a nurse.  It isn't for everyone, but for me it always seemed like a great fit.  Alongside my career was my blended family.  That was enough. That was all.  Thanks to social media, I've seen others' creativity in full bloom.   In the last couple of years, I've taken up new and fun activities that have really complemented my daily life.  Skiing, scuba diving and more recently blogging have kept me busy and provide me with plenty of self satisfaction.  It can be challenging to find joy in other activities when you're being pulled in many directions.  Unfortunately, the hobbies we find pleasure in have a tendency to get put on the back burner.  For the sake of a fulfilling life, I encourage you to make the time for the things you love or get back them as soon as the opportunity presents itself.  You'll be amazed at what it does for you;     

Hobbies will make your current job more enjoyable.  Many times, that fact that we aren't happy with our job has little to do with the job itself and more to do with what goes on outside of work.  If you allow your career to take over and consume your daily life, it slowly becomes less and less enticing.   Not to mention that balancing work with the rest of your life is great for your overall productivity.  There is a certain sense of pressure with work and doing things correctly and in a timely fashion.  That's understandable since our lively hood is at hand.  Trying a new activity is a great way to do things differently.  'Getting away' isn't that easy for everyone, especially for all you boss girls that have your own businesses.  That can be especially hard since the 'to do list' is usually in the back of your head.  Focusing on other activities will help you to disconnect from work stressors for a short period of time.   With hobbies, if you fail, all you have to do is try again.   The processes that go along with learning a new craft or participating in a new activity are beneficial as they give you something to look forward to while stimulating your senses.  At times, you'll even find that some of your talents outside of work can be put to to use, depending on your profession.  Brainstorming for projects, presentations, and holidays are some of the circumstances which could bring your hobbies to the surface. 

Creativity does wonders for self-esteem.  I'll admit my self-esteem has always been pretty high.  Then again, I was the one over at friends' homes asking them to help me decorate my place because I didn't think that I was good enough.  Luckily for me, a friend pointed out that creativity is a muscle.  Hmm, I never looked at it that way.  I may not have a lot of natural talents however, I've found great pleasure in getting better at the things I really love.  In finding these new and fun activities to try, it's been easier to meet people with similar interests that remain outside of the work environment (since we know at times we have to keep certain boundaries).  As I mentioned before, my husband and I both love to scuba dive.  Recently he's made friends that share our same love for the ocean.   Soon, we plan on becoming members of a club that participates in underwater beach clean up.  Not only is it a wonderful way of interacting with others, but sets a good example for our son (a Jr diver) about the importance of preserving our environment.  Actively participating in different activities and different hobbies will allow you to expand your circle of friends and feed off new energy!  Its unrealistic to think that you'll become creative overnight, but with the help and support of others who started off here you are, you'll get there.  If you're  a bit on the shy side or a little social awkward, this may be the avenue you've been searching for.     

You'll grow to regret it later.  Nothing hurts more than looking back and wishing you had done something.  Another friend of mine, pointed out that we should "beware of the barrenness of life." Work life and family life are 2 very important aspects of everyone's being.  However, you must make time for the things you love.  Life moves very quickly and when presented with an opportunity, you should take it.  Maybe accomplishing every single thing on your bucket list seems far fetched, but if you try and focus on one at a time, I guarantee each one will bring great fulfillment.  If you continuously  put other things first, you could miss out on other opportunities.   Some of my friends have taken their photography skills to higher levels and branched out on their own.  Others friends have taken up writing more seriously and contribute to well established publishing companies and/or blogs. Starting this November, I will be writing a column for the Everything Home Magazine.  I'm thrilled to be a part of an amazing group and can't wait to see where it takes us.  Hopefully you'll follow along!  My point is, you never know what lies ahead and what kind of project you'll be involved in.  Don't limit yourself to just one particular feature of your life.  You never really know when and where the other branches may come in handy. 

We are all creative in our own way and capable of improving at things that may seem impossible.  It's admirable that we love our careers, but we need more to feel well rounded.  Remain patient and positive and you'll develop over time.  Just recently, I took up calligraphy by taking a wonderful course prepared by Chloe from Boxwood Avenue.  I lettered my stepson's halloween party invites this past week and was quite impressed with the outcome.  Do I plan on using my new skills any chance I get?  Totally.  Stay tuned, now the writing's on the wall.