Design 101: 15 Home Decor Trends of 2015 We Are Ready To See Go

Many of these trends looked great in theory, but translated poorly to everyday life.

Others are already on the way out.

Some are cute, sure, but maybe just temporary.

To help you take the guesswork out of updating your decor, we took a hard look at some of the most popular trends this year, asked the experts, and whipped up a list of what trends we (mostly) ready to see go. 


When the antlers craze hit, it hit hard. Mounted horns earned countless shelter mag centerfolds. Eventually, the trend spread to include objects fashioned out of antlers, from chandeliers to toilet paper holders to fruit bowls. These days, they feel almost cliche. Unfortunately, anything this hot was destined to become dated. The fix - make sure it actually fits your style aesthethic (for the record, we think those antlers are pretty fab in this bathroom). 

Inspirational Sayings and Wall Decals

While "Keep Calm and Carry On" is an admirable sentiment, we don't need to learn a lesson every time we walk into a room. Also included in the "do not want" category? Lettered wall decals with homespun homilies about friendship, clouds, or dreams. 

Animal Heads - Faux or God-forbid, Real

A few seasons ago, hipsters inexplicably embraced mummified mammals and petrified peacocks as part of the Gilded Age revival. This was not a look that worked for most people -- unless you actually hunt and live in a cabin and like to display heads as trophies - we are not judging. A good rule of thumb: Anything that looks like the set of the last Tim Burton movie is a no.

Tiny Decorative Buddha Sculptures

Sure, they're cute, and their little bellies are hard to resist. But Buddha decor, part of the "Zen/Feng Shui" trend that made family rooms all over resemble tacky yoga studios, is now pretty cliche. If you have one for actual religious reasons, you are good - otherwise, there’s no good reason you should have a Buddha sculpture in your home. 

Ghost Chairs

We know. We love them too. But they've lost their novelty, and are starting to feel like the norm and no longer a pleasant surprise. They will likely come back (we can only hope that’s soon!), so unless you already had them before they became the norm, it might be time to let them vanish into the night. 

Accent Walls

We all love an accent wall. Sometimes you just don’t want that bright wallpaper all over a room. But now, with bolder paint colors the norm, accent walls have less purpose and can break up the flow of a room. Plus, what was once an unpredictable pop of color is now, well… predictable. But, when done well, they can be pretty darn awesome.

Boutique Hotel Chic

The harsh lines, the lack of character, the blah design, and lack of comfort. Where’s the personality? Do we all really want to look like we live in a W hotel suite circa 2002? Unless you actually love minimalism and no clutter (!), ditch the try-so-hard minimalism, and instead infuse it with your personality.

Black Chalkboard Paint

In theory, rooms painted to resemble blackboards have an old-timey awesomeness. In reality, they're dusty repositories of half-erased stick figures and long-forgotten shopping lists. Plus, everyone you know already jumped on this trend, and possibly already jumped off. For what it's worth, we still think chalk paint in different colors on furniture can be cool. 


Ombre fabric. Ombre furniture. Ombre curtains. Ombre hair. Ombre everything. It was cool for a minute, but it’s time to let it die.

Gold Foil Prints

We love a good framed gold foil print with a cute saying. It adds a touch of sass to your walls, and the metallic dresses up a room in a flash. The good news is they are not typically expensive, so you can get your fix and then replace it for another new trend, or something a little more timeless.

Faux Reclaimed Wood

I love reclaimed, chippy wood as much as the next girl. But when you do too many pieces in one space, they lose its appeal and special-ness. And what's worse is most of the "reclaimed" wood is just plywood painted over, or faux wood stickers. A good solution is to find really awesome, old original wood planks from a cool place that has meaning to you, and re-purpose that in your home. Let that Home Depot “reclaimed wood” go bye bye. Same for chippy-ness. One piece is enough to give the shabby chic vibe we all love. 


skull decor

This one, just don’t. 



When did this become decor? Unless mustaches hold special or religious value in the culture you come from, please, leave this website and go throw out anything and everything that has a mustache on it. Now. We’ll wait. 

Wooden Arrows

arrow decor

One is cute, maybe even two. But one in every room is a bit much, and unless you are into archery, you will have a ton of arrows to dispose of when you realize arrows are no longer a thing (and that time is now).

Rustic Metal Letters

metal tin letters

Tin letters became a thing as Chip and Joanna Gaines gained popularity (that is totally their thing, isn't it?), and add a splash of rustic shabby chic to any space. They have become a huge trend in 2015 and are readily available anywhere, which is not a bad thing if you love them. Our advice is to take it easy and only have one that has meaning, and not one on every wall, corner, door, credenza, and room of your house. 

Now with all of that being said, trends are not a bad thing. It just means something has hit a niche market and become extremely popular. If you love those design elements, then you are lucky they have become popular — more of it for you to find! 

Just remember that trends pass, so if you didn’t love them already, don’t jump on the bandwagon just because it’s hot.

What are some trends you love, or hate and are ready to see go in 2016? Share in the comments if you’d like!