11 Chic Ways to Make Your Office Space Way More Inviting


Image source: Decoholic

Add a rug or poofs

You may not have thought to add a fuzzy, fluffy rug under your desk, but it's a simple fix to an ugly cubicle that can instantly make it feel homier and cozier! If you can't do a rug, consider investing in a fluffy poof for your feet for added comfort and the feeling of relaxation. 


Image source: Darling Magazine

Get to know your neighbors

If you work in an office, you probably have neighbors. If you are tempted to avoid all human contact and socialization at work, try to think about getting to know your immediate neighbors. If they are pleasant enough, knowing them personally will help you have things to talk about on breaks, have a laugh together, and overall feel more comfortable at work. 

Diffuse aromatherapy oils

You can diffuse oils in your own office, light a candle, or just use scented sprays. Scents are powerful in creating and altering your mood, and a lemon torte-smelling candle can really make your work space feel comfy. 


Image source: The Fancy Things

Bring in magazines, snacks, and a mini fridge

Offices are known for having stashes of unhealthy snacks and make it so easy for us to gain unwanted weight by eating what we call "bored" calories. Make yourself a little snack station with your favorite healthy snacks, drinks, teas, and chocolates for that much needed 3 PM energy boost. 

Create a "brain break" corner

Working at a desk can be mind-numbing, and actually very exhausting. It's important to take mini breaks along the way so that your mind can stay sharp and focused. Create a "brain break" corner to refresh your mind by putting comfy pillow down in a corner, adding a small portable stereo to play some relaxing music, and even consider putting a room divider or partition just to visually section that area off and create a no-stress zone. 


Image source: Rue Magazine

Elevate the mood with faux greens

It's no big shock being near nature boosts up your mood and causes you to be more positive and productive. To relieve stress and help yourself stay psychologically healthy, a key thing is to add a little green to your space. If you have a black thumb or simply don't want to commit to caring for plants at the office, faux greens can do the trick.

These artificial trees and plants are the mirror images of their natural versions. They are available in a wide range of varieties and can also be customized for complementing any decor theme. The great thing about them is that these are infused with UV blocking materials and, therefore, never fade. If you are worried about bugs, these faux trees and plants are perfect, plus they don't cause any allergies, are self-extinguishing in case of a fire, and are gorge!


Image source: The Fancy Things

Accessorize and style your desk

Remember how exciting it was to get all new school supplies? Turns out, it's still now as an adult. And standard-issue office items always look so... ugh. Get some stylish accessories to dress up your work station and don't be afraid to create a theme for filing systems, notes, and reminders. Happy colors can brighten the mood of your desk, plus who isn't more motivated to do work when they have adorable office supplies


Image source: Decoholic

Bring personal photos, fresh flowers, or a favorite throw

Lastly, don't forget to personalize your space. Bring items from home like family pictures, a cozy throw, or some cheap fresh flowers every week. Taking pride in your space will actually make you want to come in every day and enjoy being in it.