10 Ways Women Can Be Nicer To One Another

As women, we need to make a conscious effort to try to lift each other up, to be one another's cheerleaders, and remember we are all in this together. 

We are all balancing family, spouses, partners, friends and work.  But on days when things just aren't going your way, it's the women around you that remind you they've been there, that they get it, and that they care. 

1. Just be kind

Not that hard ladies, I mean this is probably one of the first things we learn as children, but somehow we forget from time to time.  Remember, kindness always matters, sprinkle it everywhere. 

2. Play nice

I was once quoted saying that 'the playground was worse than a high school cafeteria'.  We had three boys under three and I couldn't wait to talk to someone over toddler age when we went to the park.  Most moms wouldn't even look in our direction.  Try and remember that the mom standing next to you has more in common with you than you think. 

3. Smile

When you see a mom whose child is having a meltdown halfway through the grocery store, smile at her.  Most people won't even look in the direction of those meltdowns.  When you just smile at her, it will remind her you have been there.  This goes for the office too.  When your coworker gets a dig from her boss in front of a conference room of people, extend an olive branch.  A simple smile can change a lot. 

4. Listen

If your friend has had a bad day, remind her how wonderful she is and listen.  Let her cry if she has to, be there for her in every way you can and just listen.  Saying nothing translates into much more.

5. Don't judge

With three boys so close in age we can be labeled as a wrecking crew.  Not one of us is perfect, I certainly am not, but I can say I try my hardest not to judge or use labels towards other women and their parenting skills.  It can be easy to get caught up in that game.  Especially when children are running amok and, as outsiders we think we could be doing things differently.  

6. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all

Don't gossip or 'whisper' behind each others' back.  We aren't in middle school anymore, it's beyond us as women and we are better than that. 

7. Don't finger point

We have all had an encounter with women that claim we are doing it all wrong.  Pointing out qualities that make a child a child will only make a mother question her abilities, and that isn't the best approach.  No child is perfect, our boys aren't.  They are busy and loud, and all the things that little boys are made of.  I am not the perfect mom, but they are so happy, kind and caring.  The concept of not placing blame applies to work environments, dynamics of friendships and any other scenarios that involve us.

8. You never know what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes

The things that make me the mom and person I am are in part due to circumstances some will never understand.  After the loss of my own mom at age 2,  I learned to cherish the few moments I had with her and, in turn began to document all my moments with my family.  I'm happy to take tons of pictures so that my husband Mark, the boys and myself have those memories forever.  We've all walked different paths in life.  These experiences make each of us who we are.  We should embrace them and learn from one another. 

9. Applaud each other

When another woman does something wonderful, applaud her.  Tell her she's amazing, tell her she did a great job, simple words matter.  Life is so much better with the right women in your corner.  By praising one another's success, you've already made a difference.

10. Respect one another

Whether we agree or disagree, it's important to show interest in what other women do or say.   Show your gratitude for the virtues they exhibit.  We all have the ability to be inspiring and the world is much more fun with all the differences we bring to the table.  We just have to remember the simple things. 

Rosemarie Pileski - Guest Blogger

You can find me at @mascaramakeup&me!