10 Life lessons We Learned From The Gilmore Girls

Just mention Lorelai and Rory, and you think Luke and Jess ( or Dean for those of you ). That wonderful show, about strong women, wearing feathers and rhinestones and jamming out to the clash. It was magical, it still is magical. Whenever I need good butterfly feels, I throw on an episode of this classic. Let's be real, it's more like 10 episodes, you can never watch just one. Reminisce with me, on all the best life lessons those Stars Hollow gals taught us.  

1. It's ok to be confident. 

I love that Lorelai and Rory - even on their self conscious days, still knew their worth. The older you get, the more you just don't care what others think of you. It's empowering, and wonderfully freeing. Honey badger don't give a...

2. It's ok to be a smart girl, in fact, it's encouraged. 

The saying " looks will only get you so far " is one of the truest truth bombs. The Gilmore girls were never apologetic for wanting to read, and write, and know endless amounts of history and useless ( although entertaining ) facts. They weren't afraid to be intimidating, and they could hold their own in a conversation. Be that girl. 

4. Mondays. Are. The. Worst. 

Don't make me me adult. If Lorelai doesn't want to, I don't either. Sometimes it just feels good knowing others out there sympathize with you. We all put on our pants, one leg at a time, and we all hit the snooze the same 20 times come Monday morning. 

5. Sometimes food does cure all. 

I'm not condoning to eat sweets all day e'ry day, but allow yourself to indulge. I have adopted the Gilmore's movie night tradition with my kiddos, with only a slightly less amount of sweets. You have one life, so yes please take care of your body, but eat a piece of pizza ( or three ) for the love of all that is holy.