10 Lessons I Learned Living Alone

My early twenties were when I had some of the best times of my life. It was also the time that I had lived on my own for the very first time. I was a newly graduated Registered Nurse, living in a small one-bedroom apartment above a florist shop. During this time alone, I learned a lot of valuable life lessons and was able to grow independently as an individual. Therefore, I would encourage any of you young ladies out there, to live alone for a period of time, if you can afford to do so. You will look back on this time, later in life, and be so thankful that you did!

    1. How to be independent

I learned what it is like to do things for myself and to not rely on anyone else for my needs.

    2. Responsibility

I learned to take ownership of my bills- making sure to pay them every month on time. I also learned how to clean and keep things neat and organized. 

    3. How to cook

I no longer had my mother to cook delicious meals for me. I broke out some good ol’ cookbooks and checked all my pins on Pinterest and went to work in the kitchen. It was a trial and error process, but the more I cooked the better I got at it. I think my husband can vouch for that ;)

    4. Budgeting

I learned how to manage my money wisely and how to balance a checkbook. Rent isn't cheap, so I had to seriously cut back on extra spending.

    5. The value of work

You learn to appreciate your job and you finally see the rewards you get from working hard. After all, money doesn't grow on trees- you have to work for it!

    6. The difference between wants & needs

You quickly will realize the difference between things you need versus things you want to have. You no longer have the freedom to spend frivousely. Buy what is a necessity and save the rest.

    7. To be thankful

You appreciate the little things. Suddenly a warm, comfy bed means that much more. 

    8. How staying home can be fun

A night home in your pjs, watching movies with your girlfriends seems more appealing than going out to the bar.

    9. How to grow up

You grow up faster and will become a young independent woman in no time. What guy doesn't want a girl like that?

   10. How much I love IKEA!

No seriously! They are SO affordable and that store is addicting!

If you think you are ready to take that next step and find a place to call your own, make sure to research all of the details first. Compare location, cost of rent, and even try to speak with some locals about the cost of water and heating in the area. I advise you to create a working budget first, to see if living alone will be feasible for you. If not, consider a roommate. Don’t forget most places require a month and a half’s rent up front and may require a credit check (To improve your credit score, refer to my previous post). Also, make sure to get everything in writing, including your rent agreement and the terms of your lease (Unfortunately, I have learned this lesson the hard way) Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Moving out is an exciting process, so be sure to enjoy it. Get some of your closest friends together to help you move- throw in some free pizza and have a painting party! What better way to break in your new place?