10 Braided Hairstyles to Try This Fall

Fall is officially upon us, and with it comes all kinds of fashion and beauty inspiration. We have compiled 10 gorgeous and unique braided looks that are sure to inspire you to change it up this season!

braided hair with scarf

Loose Braid with Scarf

The easiest way to give your hairstyle that boho-ethereal look is to add a scarf. Here, a very loose half braid ends in a fluffy knot of a silk scarf, cascading over messy waves


Undone Messy Waves Basic Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for before or after the gym, a run on the beach, or to go with your athleisure wear. Pump up the volume at the roots, throw in some big curls around your face with at least a 1in curling iron, and braid the bottom, being sure to pull out the braid for volume and tying a bit of hair around the elastic for a pulled together look.

double braid pigtails with hat

Pulled Through Pigtail braids with hat

This look is perfection for fall! Tie two basic pigtails, braid both sides and pull the hair out for volume, and finish the look with a felt or straw hat.

loose side braid

Full Side French Braid

This braid looks a lot more complicated than it is. Brush all your hair to one side, and start with a 2 inch portion at your bangs. As you work your way down, be sure to pull hair from behind and from the other side, braiding your way down. After tying the bottom, carefully pull hair from the inside of the braid, slowly working your way down. Don’t be shy with this part as it is what gives this braid that voluminous look!


Fishtail Braid and Low Bun

How adorable is this fishtail-bun for everyday wear or for an event? Starting with a side part, work your hair into a fishtail down the side, pinning at the end to hold in place. Spray texturizer through the rest of the hair. Pull into a low pony tail and work into a messy fun, pulling pieces here and there for an undone look.

half up braid with scarf

Half French Braid and Scarf

This cute look is a lot easier than it looks! Starting with straight hair or loose waves, braid the top half of your hair into a Dutch braid, and secure the end with an elastic. Cover the elastic with a gorgeous scarf, and you’re done!

pull through dutch braid pigtails

Double Dutch Braid Pigtails

This look is perfect to pair with chunky knit sweaters and scarves. Part your hair down the middle, and braid both side from the top to about neck length into a dutch braid. Secure each side with an elastic and wrap the elastic with a bit of hair. Secure with pins. Curl the loose hair and carefully pull the braids apart for a fuller look. Messier is better with this one!

casual fishtail braid brunette.jpg

Full Side Fishtail Braid

This look takes a lot of hair, and extensions are welcomed! Part your hair down the side and start with the fishtail at the top of the part, toward the middle of your head (leaving the front hairs loose around your face). Continue to pull hair into the fishtail from both sides, all the way to the bottom. Secure with an elastic, and pull the fishtail loose carefully. Don’t be afraid to mess up, as the messier the better with this look.


Double Dutch Braid High Buns

This hairstyle incorporates two braids trailing up to two little messy buns and it’s a lot easier to do than you might think. Part the hair down the back of the head creating two halves, tying off one side. Next flip your head upside down and begin a dutch braid, securing with a pin. Then do the same thing on the left side. Now tie each side with a hairband, and twist the remaining loose hair around the base for a messy bun. Pin any remaining hair into place, and set the style with a hairspray.

halo braid tutorial

Halo Braid

This sweet style is perfect for a casual wedding (whether you are the bride or a guest). Part the hair down the middle all the way down to the nape of your neck. Start a French braid from the back and pull it around the left side of your head. Secure it in place so it dosn’t come undone. On the other side, start another French braid around the front this time, pulling it the same direction (left) as the one before, overlaping them as needed. Pin into place, pull pieces out to loosen it, and set it with hairspray.