10 Beauty Hacks to Keep You Primped and Primed (While Saving Time)

Do you ever wake up and feel like you need that extra umph? Whether your eyeshadow collection is in the single, or triple digits, aren't you constantly looking for a better, easier, more cost effective way to primp yo self? Beauty doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Save your money for your favorite things, ( and lattes ) and cut corners on these 10 beauty hacks!  

1. Baby Powder + Mascara

 By adding good old baby powder to your lashes, you will get thicker longer looking lashes. Apply a coat or two of your mascara, then with a cotton swab or mascara wand, dab some baby powder on your lashes. Once they're dusted, apply a final coat of mascara.  


2. Lip balm + Cinnamon

Keep those lips plump and full simply by adding cinnamon ( or peppermint ) to your fave Chapstick. Next time you are perusing the makeup aisle, pick up a lip plumper and read the ingredients. I bet you will read either one or both of these on the label. Need a good lippy? Make your own by two simple ingredients: organic Shea butter and organic ground cinnamon.  

3. Apple Cider Vinegar  

If you're like me, adult acne is a very real (unwanted) thing. To combat this all you need is a cotton ball and Apple cider vinegar. This little baby has so many wonderful properties for your insides, it's no wonder it's a miracle worker for your skin as well! Most of the time the cleansers we use for our face actually strip and disrupt the natural acidity we were made to have. Which allows the gross stuff access to our skin, i.e: germs, pollutants, bacteria. Apply cider vinegar restores the acidity, and acid mantel. All while killing that gross stuff we just chatted about. Make sure to get pure, organic, apple cider. If it has the " mother " (almost looks like dirt floating around ) that's even better. You can use this all over your face for a toner, or just trouble areas. 


4. Tea bag + Bubble bath

Just thinking about that relaxes me, and wait, I'm asleep. Tea leaves have wonderful antioxidants so bathing in warm water and adding tea bags to your soak, is great for your skin. Tie 3-5 bags around your faucet to let the water run over them, or just toss them right in. Heavenly.  

5. Mascara + Hot water

Now mascara is definitely one thing you should regularly change out, and renew. However, sometimes it dries out too quickly, or you're just not ready to buy a new one yet. For those days grab some hot water in a cup, and place your mascara in like so. After a minute or two, remove your tube, and your mascara will feel like new! 

6. Cotton swab + Perfume  

Sometimes during your busy day, you want a refresher, but don't feel like carrying your perfume bottle in your already bulging handbag. ( no, just me? ) Saturate a few cotton swabs with your perfume and place them in a ziplock bag. Whenever you need a splash, just whip these little guys out, and bam! Refreshed.  

7. Vaseline + Eyebrows  

I love me some brows. The bigger the better. Sometimes they get unruly and my normal brow wax won't hold them down. For those moments I take a mascara wand, ( you could use your finger or cotton swab ) and with a little Vaseline, tame those fly aways.  

8. Vaseline + Perfum
Carrying on with another Vaseline hack, this one is for your perfume. If having a bag with cotton swabs and perfume isn't your thing, you can use Vaseline to keep your perfume lasting longer. Place a small amount of Vaseline to your pulse points, ( wrists, sides of neck, under ears) and this will help lengthen your perfume wear. If you want a more natural version of Vaseline. Make your own at home with bees wax and olive oil.  

9. Honey + Olive oil + Brown sugar

Adding these three, natural ingredients together, you can form your own awesome ( and tasty ) lip scrub. The honey will moisturize and heal while preventing cracked lips. The olive oil will keep your lips soft and supple while also moisturizing. The brown sugar acts as the exfoliator. Mixing these together will slough off dead skin, dryness, and put moisture back into your lips. In turn will help them stay more youthful and prevent cracking. Add some cinnamon for a plumping scrub. This is one hack I use almost daily. I mix equal parts, but you can switch it up for your liking.  

10. Chilled spoon + forehead

Are you reading that with squinty eyes thinking, wait she wants me to rub a cold spoon over my face? Well as a matter of fact, yes, yes I do. Chill a spoon in your fridge, and then slowly drag it over your forehead, or any place you have fine lines/wrinkles. Do that before you apply your foundation so as to smooth any unevenness. This will help your makeup go on more evenly, and avoid any caking of your product. If you need it fast you can flash freeze it but don't allow your spoon to actually freeze. If you do it will stick to your skin. We don't want that, we want the spoon to be able to glide across your face with ease.  

Hopefully these hacks can improve your routine, give you more bang for your buck, and cut a few corners to save some precious time. After all, wouldn't a few extra minutes of hitting the snooze button be nice?