10 Basic Recommendations If You Are Thinking About Starting a Family

Lately, I have been doing a little research in the area of baby making. Yes, I finally said it! It is no surprise that we are planning to start a family of our own very soon, so I knew I had some homework to do.  When reading this post, keep in mind that I am a “first-timer” and certainly do not know (anything or) everything about the process of becoming pregnant, but I am here to share with you some of the interesting basics and hopefully helpful things that I have discovered along the way. 

1. Get a physical

This is very important. By doing this you can check that you are healthy and fit to conceive. You want “mom” to be as healthy as possible to ensure a smooth pregnancy.

Nurse’s thought (I couldn’t resist): Make sure you are up to date on your vaccines, as well as Tdap (which contains the pertussis component which is used to fight whooping cough)

2. Start on a daily prenatal vitamin

The vitamin will help to cover any nutritional gaps found in mom’s diet. Folic acid is very important to prevent neural tube defects in the baby. Don’t skip your daily prenatal, it’s so important!

3. Cut back on partying

If you are trying to conceive, no more wine for you! You want to prevent any complications during your pregnancy, and smoking or drinking are not safe for your baby.

4. Get off the pill

Duh. For some, you can get pregnant right after getting off the pill, while it may take longer for others. This is because it can take some time for the hormones from the pill to get out of your system. Don't forget ovulation can also take a few months to get back on track to normal again, so don't panic if your body takes a while to figure out what is happening!

5. Exercise

Go outside for a walk or get to the gym, whatever works best for you. Try your best to keep healthy, by eating well and maintaining a healthy weight. 

6. Limit caffeine

Studies show that too much caffeine can trigger fertility issues. Also limit or forgo any extra soda, teas, or energy drinks. If you are a big coffee drinker, don’t worry…you can still have it, just in moderation.

7. See your dentist

Don’t forget about oral health! During this time you can be susceptible to gum disease. So schedule your check up and prevent any chances of gum complications during your pregnancy. Also, you should not have x-rays done when you are pregnant- so better to get this done before having a baby.

8. Track your period

Mark down that “special time of the month” and keep track of what days you have sex. This is important to know if you get pregnant and need to track back with your doctor. Get knowledgeable about ovulation and what days that you are the ‘most fertile’. There are a million apps out there for tracking these kinds of things, so take advantage of these free resources.

9. Get your finances in check

Having a baby is not cheap. Make sure to discuss with your partner what your financial plan is regarding starting your new family. Start a savings account for baby expenses. It is always better to be prepared then be stuck in a bind once the baby is here.

10. Try not to stress.

I know this is hard, but try to let Mother Nature do what she does best. Enjoy the process and maintain other interests. Have fun with your husband, and enjoy this time together. It will only make it more enjoyable and pleasurable for the both of you, and having other interests will help take the focus off of something you can't really control.

I hope some of you out there, who are looking to get pregnant, found this post to be helpful! I would love to hear from the seasoned mommies out there if you have any other things to add to this list or suggestions for first time moms!